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Zac Efron’s Dreadlocks on Instagram goes Wild

A little change for the summertime! Zac Efron debuted a drastic new hairstyle on Thursday, July 5, and his

followers couldn’t help but give their two cents.

“Just for fun,” the 30-year-old Greatest Showman star captioned a black-and-white Instagram pic that shows

off his new dreadlocks — and the photo sparked an outpouring of different reactions.

Zac Dreadlocks

While some jumped to accuse him of cultural appropriation, writing things like

“ I just reported this photo,” and “Oof wearing dreads is a bad idea for someone like you, I hope your publicist is ready,” others came to his defense.


zac viral sector


“There are people dying in the world and people are worried about hair?” a fan wrote with the eye-roll emoticon. “Zac is clearly living his best life. It’s no wonder he went ‘off the grid.’ This goes to every other celeb who does the same or similar. This generation is so overly sensitive and it’s because of social media.”

Another opted to educate those bashing the Baywatch actor in a comment that read: “Dreadlocks have been used by countless ethnic groups in every part of the world for thousands of years – no one group deserves to claim them.”



Meanwhile, some fans gushed over his ability to pull off any style. ”Good look! It suits ya! But those are hard to take out .. One of my friends tried that when I was at there house and they didn’t like it so they asked me to take it out .. It was hard,” a follower wrote with multiple laughing emojis.

Another admired joked, “I’m literally pregnant after looking at this.”

Others were outspoken about their preferred look for Efron — short hair and clean shaven.

“Troy hunny your head is not in the game,” one follower quipped referring to a song in the Disney movie High School Musical which Efron starred. “K. Fun time over. Take em out,” another wrote.



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