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Why do we gain weight?

Why do we gain weight?

Putting on weight has become one of the most vexed topics for the modern day citizens . With obesity becoming an alarming crisis globally, people are in a bid to get to know the reasons why they are putting on those extra inches and pounds. However,there are many reasons why people are putting on weight. Some might blame genetics. Others bad food habits and lethargy and some even culture . The reasons for every individual case could be one or many of the above. Or may be something entirely different.

Why do we gain weight

One of the reasons for weight gain that we can’t control is our genes. There are people born with a remarkably high metabolic rate that allows them to remain thin no matter what they eat. Then there are ones who put on over soup which is depressing when it comes to weight loss efforts. Also, if the parents are overweight, there’s a good chance that the children are too.

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