Top 10 People Who Became Famous Overnight

You must have heard how the internet can publicize and to what extent! Nowadays almost everything becomes a trend on the internet and fade away the next day. Just like India’s last match against Bangladesh, when Dinesh Karthik’s last ball winning 6 made him the proud of the nation and just before that KKR and he was getting trolled for becoming the captain of KKR. There are a number of people around the world who became an internet sensation overnight and people forget them even in lesser time. It is become to know about the people who became famous overnight.
Destiny and Luck!!! This has always been a topic of debate among people and no one has ever come to a conclusion on this, but this list does make a strong point for us to believe on these 2 factors. Some random people who are living a normal life and doing the best they can do in their life, suddenly a day comes when the entire world wants to be a part of their life!! It more sounds like a DREAM to us. So are you guys ready to explore these top 10 people who became an over overnight, over a round of clock you became a fan or a part if their life? Here is the list of Top 10 people who became famous overnight.

10. Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan, the 17-year old guy, worked on a tea-stall on the outskirts of Islamabad. One morning he was on his daily routine, serving tea to everyone and he heard some camera’s flashing sound and when he looked up his “blue eye” got captured in the camera. Photographer Jiah Ali later posted the picture on Instagram as image caption “Hot Tea”. The picture went viral on the internet and people started approaching Arshad, but initially, he was scared because he had no clue about what’s going on, also he was not well educated to understand these things. Later, he learned to digest this sudden attention and publicity and started getting modeling contracts. His big break was a music video with a popular singer Muskan Jay for her song “Beparwai”.

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