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Top 10 Most Expensive & Luxurious Motorhomes 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive & Luxurious Motorhomes 2018
If you prefer traveling, particularly on the open highway, then you perhaps love a nice motorhome which is a home away from home. The extravagance of possessing your personal vehicle with a kitchen, a bathroom, and all the required facilities has made a motorhome a preferred one. Current years have realized an increase of bus-transformed luxury motorhomes, conversions of buses into advanced houses running on wheels.
Though it is reality that majority of the extra features of such original machines surely are not quite essential, they are certainly enviable. Since the last few decades, such kind of vehicles has been rising in admiration as well as they have progressed to supply to different pieces of society. A luxurious motorhome gives you all new experience on adventure matched to your home, so get further details by reading below: Checkout the top 10 most expensive & luxurious motorhomes in 2018.

10. Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45DLQ

This is a luxurious motorhome, known to be wonderful elegant vehicle made keeping in mind the royalty. It comes innate with heated porcelain floors, quartz counter-tops, as well as a walk in shower. Moreover, it too comes with mobility, cutting-edge touch screen technology as well as smartwheel creating it smooth to drive and regulate. This is basically a master suite that comes with a walk-in closet, a bar as well as a complete entertainment system creating it comfortable for long trip through the country. People can reside and travel very comfortably on the Entegra Cornerstone for long time without feeling suffocating or nostalgic at costly price of $450,000.

9. UNICAT Amerigo International

This RV (recreational vehicle) appears slightly like a trash truck; however its modest exterior is misleading. The body of this vehicle does not offer extreme features to focus at in matters of comfort. However, the interior of this motorhome adds up to half a million dollars in its price. The company names its models ‘exploration vehicles,’ and this aspect is one of the greatest rugged RVs currently on the market. Constructed with solar panels as well as a 2,000-mile gas cistern, the vehicle can go shore to shore without ending. Moreover, in its inside structure, there is a provision of a master suite, kitchen, desk space, and also amenities for a watermaker which can purify water to make g it drinkable.


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