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Top 10 Luckiest People In The World

Top 10 Luckiest People In The World
Some people, despite all the black cats and broken mirrors in the world, seem to have all the luck. These 10 people take that luck to the extreme, making fate seem more than just a philosophy.

10: Bill Morgan


When his car collided with a truck and he was crushed under the impact, everyone thought it was the end of the line for Australian Bill Morgan, even the doctors. Declared legally dead for more than 14 minutes, he was somehow revived and managed to survive after only 12 days in a coma, even after family removed life support.
But his luck doesn’t end there. To celebrate his survival, he bought a “Scratch It” card and won a car worth AUS$17,000 (now worth about AUS$25,000). When the local news station heard about him and all his good fortune, they were so impressed, they did a segment about him on the show. They asked him to reenact the scene by scratching off another card, only for him to win a whopping further $250,000 again during the live show. Maybe it was Death going “my bad, dude.”

9: Edwin E. Robinson

The odds of getting hit by lightning is 1 in 12,000. But for blind and deaf 62-year-old Edwin E. Robinson, those odds rose to 100 percent.
Robinson wandering around outside in the field near his house (apparently looking for his chicken), swinging around his aluminum cane, and then taking shelter under the only tree when it began to rain was evidently too tempting for the lightning, which struck him to the ground. For 20 minutes, he lay unconscious, before waking up and stumbling back to his house, going to bed for a very well-deserved nap (getting struck by lightning can tire you out quite a bit, you know). But when he woke up in the evening, he discovered he could see and hear once again. He was later examined by his doctor, who confirmed he had regained both his sight and his hearing, and probably survived the blast due to the rubber-soled shoes he had been wearing.


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