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Top 10 Ancient Gadgets

Top 10 Ancient Gadgets
Nowadays, we are extremely proud of the existent technology and we have come to rely on it for various things. But what was it like hundreds of years ago? What was technology for the cultures existent back then? Well, as history and archeological findings have shown us, they did have technology and, of course, ancient gadgets. Let’s check out the top 10 gadgets of the ancient world.

#1 Antikythera Mechanism

Made almost 2000 years ago, the Antikythera Mechanism is believed to be one of the oldest computers in the world. Found in the ruins of a ship, it was considered for a long time to be clock but recent discoveries have demonstrated it could do so much more. Originating from Greece, this ancient gadget had the ability to predict when a solar eclipse would happen and even could organize the calendar in cycles of four years.

#2 The Coso Artifact

The fact that you would find a spark plug is nothing special. But what happens when that spark plug is actually embedded in hard rock, one that dates from as long as 500.000 years ago? The Coso Artifact has disappeared and it is not to be studied using modern technology. There are three suppositions however when it comes to its origins: one, that it was made by an extremely intelligent ancient civilization such as Atlantis; two, that it came from the future and three, that it is of alien origin.


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