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The Most Expensive Mistakes Ever Made in History

Every person on Earth makes mistakes. No one is perfect. Yet sometimes a combination of incorrect actions leads to such large-scale consequences that there’s only one question left in mind: How could this happen?
Bright Side collected the biggest mistakes in the history of humanity, the effects of which cost a fortune.

10. An overly heavy submarine that won’t resurface


The Spanish government invested £1.75 billion in a new submarine — The Isaac Peral. Yet the process of construction showed that it was excessively heavy and risked not being able to surface after immersion. It turned out that someone made a mistake in the calculations at the very beginning. To correct the “unfortunate slip,” they had to solve the problem of excess weight and increase the length of the hull.

9. The sale of Alaska

At the end of the 19th century, Alexander II of Russia regarded Alaska only as an ice-covered land. In March 1867, Russia decided to sell the vast territory to the United States for only $7.2 million. Since the ratio of the ruble to the dollar was almost equal at that time, Russia won little from this deal but lost natural resources worth billions of dollars.


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