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The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World

The 10 Most Beautiful Animals in the World
All animals living on earth are beautiful. The diversity on our planet is practically endless with different sizes, shapes, characteristics and colours. Thanks to the beautiful animals living in all environments, the world is a more pleasant, mysterious and interesting place.
Beauty is a broad and subjective term. If there is an animal that you think is one of the most beautiful but does not feature on the list, leave us a comment and we will take it into account for future articles.

1. Macaws

Macaws are exotic birds inhabiting the rainforests of South America. They belong to a family of birds called Psittacidae. Their beauty is due to the combination of bright colours in their plumage: bright yellow, crimson red, green grass, blue king and orange are the main colours. Many people have macaws as pets, and perhaps that’s why Ara araraunas are a species that must be taken care of in the natural environment.
Macaws are medium-sized birds but have large wings that attract lots of attention when they are spread. They are very social birds that love to walk in groups but they are the most beautiful in the air. It is fascinating to see a group of macaws flying. It looks like a drawing of a rainbow in the sky. They are definitely one of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world!

2. White Bengal Tiger

The Bengal tiger is a symbol of grandeur and strength. Majestic in appearance, anyone in the presence of this creature will be left open-mouthed. It’s not surprising that the tiger was the animal chosen to be the main character in many Greek, Persian and Chinese mythologies.
The mystery and mystique in their looks mesmerises anybody looking at them. Due to their genetic mutations, some Bengal tigers are born white… which makes them even more beautiful!


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