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Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

Strange Facts You Won’t Believe Are True
Is your life not quite full enough of trivia? Here are some of our favorite random/weird/esoteric stories to keep up your sleeve. Feel free to bring them out on your next date, dinner party, in line for the bathroom, any time you need a quick ice breaker to get some conversation flowing.

1. Warden of a West Virginia jail might have thought that jailbird Robert Shepard was just really, really into oral hygiene. But in June of 1994, Shepard, while waiting trail for robbery charges, used a rope braided out of minty waxed dental floss to escape over an 18-foot-high prison wall. He was recaptured 41 days later.

2. Keds claim that their shoes were the first to earn the name “sneakers.” In 1917, an ad campaign boasted that the rubber soles would make it easier to sneak up and scare someone than the leather soles of the day. Mean, Keds, mean.


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