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Photoshop or Not? 10 Amazing Places You Won’t Believe Aren’t Artificial

Photoshop or Not? 10 Amazing Places You Won’t Believe Aren’t Artificial

Have you ever been fooled by a Photoshopped image? Today’s CGI and image editing software is so good that sometimes a convincing fake can look close to reality than a real photograph.
We covered almost all of the world’s continents – from famous North American river valleys to beautiful Norwegian coastal highways – to track down 10 amazing places you just can’t believe aren’t artificial.

1. Colorado River, United Sates

This horseshoe bend in the Colorado River is absolutely amazing. Captured by James Neeley at just the perfect moment, it has everything – a great reflection of the sun on the river’s surface and a background that’s truly unbeatable.
Can’t believe it’s real? Travel there for yourself. The famous horseshoe bend is half a mile from U.S. Route 89, which travels past the town of Page, Arizona. Make sure you don’t forget a good camera.

2. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

This incredible piece of coastline was formed approximately 50 to 60 million years ago by intense volcanic activity on Ireland’s northern coastline. Giant concentrations of lava cooled to form these amazingly beautiful natural pillars.
Irish legend says that the pillars were built by a giant, hence the Giant’s Causeway name. Matching rock formations can be found at Fingal’s Cave in Scotland, fueling local legends that the giant may have traveled all the way to the Hebrides.


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