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Most Expensive Auction Items

Most Expensive Auction Items
Those who have an appetizing desire on antiquities and precious possessions, will tell you that an auction house is perhaps the best place to spend loads of money on things that carry a rich heritage with them. With the recent rise in the luxury spending trend, the list most expensive items sold at auction is rapidly growing, with hundreds and millions of dollars being spent on various priceless items such as paintings, sculptures, vintage cars, comic books etc. Globally renowned auction houses such as the likes of Sotheby’s, Christie’s etc. are now greatly benefitting from the arrival of Russian and Chinese millionaires as well as billionaires, who have exhibited an intense interest in valuable pieces of art, automobiles and other antiquities.
From Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe to the U.S national anthem, nowadays, nearly everything vintage and historic is now being valued at extremely high prices and considered to be a prized possession. Realizing the immense impact of auctions on the luxury market and the fact that some of the rarest treasures of time are now being made available, we decided to apprise our readers of the 20 Most Expensive Auction Items.

1. N***, Green Leaves and Bust (Pablo Picasso)

Category: Most Expensive Painting
Auction House: Christie’s
Price: $106.5 Million

Pablo Picasso, perhaps one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, created one of his legendary masterpieces, N***, Green Leaves and Bust that broke world record last year, becoming the most expensive painting to be sold at an auction. Offered by Christie’s this fabulous work of art went for a whopping $106.5 million and depicts Marie-Therese Walter, the well-known mistress of Picasso. The painting itself is said to be one of the artist’s finest creations, which was created at the height of his career. The N***, Green Leaves and Bust showcases a n*** Marie-Therese in a reclining position, while her renowned bust sculpture, crafted by Picasso himself is seen on a pedestal. This rare work from Picasso was in the private collection of Sidney and Frances Brody. The duo has purchased the painting in the year 1950, for just $17,000, which later sold in the month of May last year for the astronomical price of more than a hundred million dollars.

2. L’Homme qui marche I

Category: Most Expensive Sculpture
Auction House: Sotheby’s
Price: $104.3 Million

In the world of high profile auctions, a new record was established last year, when the exquisite L’Homme qui marche I (The Walking Man) sculpture was sold off for a whopping $104.3 million. Sculpted by the world renowned sculptor, Alberto Giacometti in 1961, this most expensive sculpture was considered to be the highlight of the Sotheby’s auction and with its glorious sale, the L’Homme qui marche I became the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. The sculpture stands some six feet in height and depicts a man walking casted entirely in bronze. The opening bid on the magnificent sculpture was set at $27 million, however, within just ten minutes of the bidding process, the hammer was struck at more than a 100 million dollars.


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