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Fake Images That Fooled The World

Fake Images That Fooled The World
In recent times, powerful computer software such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP have made it possible to manipulate and alter images. The vast majority of the time, these changes to pictures are not to deceive but rather to create pieces of artwork or remove unnecessary details and even to clean up photographs. This makes them important tools for journalists, designers and artists.
However, they can also be abused to create amazing images with the intention of fooling as many people as possible into believing that the image is actually real. This isn’t a completely modern phenomenon either, analysis of many historical photographs have shown that they have been altered in some way to make them appear more iconic or striking. This article looks at some of the manipulated images that have fooled thousands, and even millions, of people around the world.

Giant Cat

It might seem like an obvious forgery due to the ludicrous size of the cat shown but this picture still went viral and fooled many people all around the world when it was shared back in 2000. Cordell Hauglie originally created the Photoshop as a joke for his friends without the knowledge that it would become something of a sensation.

Fire on Ice Cover

While the magazine never claimed that the image shown on the front cover of their February 1994 edition was real, it still fooled many people in believing it was a genuine photograph of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan training together, despite the huge controversy that arose when Kerrigan was assaulted and injured.


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