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Dream Jobs That Seem Way Too Good To Be True

Dream Jobs That Seem Way Too Good To Be True
Work, inherently, isn’t designed to be fun. When I was teenager working as a bus boy—outside in the blaring NJ summer sun—I never once looked up from cleaning half-eaten oysters off the floor beneath a group of sloppy tourists to say to myself, “Whoa, I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!” Now, I’m an Internet writer. And sometimes, I honestly can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this.

1. Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Guru

Estimated pay: Anywhere between $40k per year and $200k per year (depending on position)
Ben and Jerry’s delicious tasting and cleverly-named ice creams are, without question, the best thing to ever come out of Vermont (prove me wrong, I dare you). And the ideal position within the custard conglomerate is clearly a Flavor Guru—a job that consists of blending ice cream, candy, and all types of syrupy goodness into the perfect concoctions, then tasting copious amounts to “assure quality,” and whatnot. Unhealthy? Maybe. But so is hunching over a laptop 40+ hours a week.

2. Private Island Caretaker

Estimated pay: Anywhere from $15k-$45k per year
You know the supervillain level of affluence where you can not only afford to spend your time lounging on a tropical island, but have the funds to buy your own island—strictly used for lounging? Well, now you can ride the coattails of the rich and powerful to your own dream job, as a Private Island Caretaker. It’s kind of like house-sitting, but instead of the biggest perk being liberal fridge privileges, it’s spending your life in a secluded paradise—and getting paid for it. Way better than free popsicles.


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