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Celebrities Who Have Good Manners

Celebrities Who Have Good Manners
Most of us who follow the news hear about the bad behavior of celebrities, so when someone famous actually has good manners, we’re often surprised. That shouldn’t be the case, of course, because everyone needs to follow the same etiquette rules. Having money and fame doesn’t exempt anyone from showing kindness and respect toward others.

Kate Middleton

Yes, she’s the royal Duchess of Cambridge, married to a prince, and mom to the future King of England, but she still shows respect to those around her. Another thing to love about this beautiful duchess is her desire to make this world a better place by spending time working for Hospice organizations.

Tim Tebow

This football player extraordinaire allows his faith to rule his behavior. I’ve never seen Tebow’s name connected with a drunken or drug-related scandal, and I doubt we ever will. He has maintained his composure in spite of some of the ridiculous comments of others. Whether he’s getting applause or boos from the crowd, he maintains his dignity. Tim Tebow is a class act and one you won’t mind your children emulating.


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