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Best Homemade Toys – Made from Household Items


There are so many fun toys you can make out of household objects!

Many of these toys can be made from items you’d normally throw away or send to the recycling center.
Try some of these homemade toy ideas using household items.

1. Rattle

For babies who are still too young to unscrew a cap, you can use a plastic water bottle to make a rattle.
Simply put some colorful, dry beans in the bottle (once it’s dry) and screw on the cap. Babies can toll
or shake the bottle for visual and auditory stimulation.

Homemade Rattle


2. Drums

The round, cardboard containers that oatmeal comes in are great for drums; the plastic lids act as resonant
drum heads. If you have another canister or cylinder-shaped container without a lid, you can cut a balloon
to make a rubber “skin.” Stretch this over the canister and secure with a rubber band.

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