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Arm Yourself For The Great Outdoors With These 10 Gadgets

Arm Yourself For The Great Outdoors With These 10 Gadgets
This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there.
The era of the beach bod is over, and the era of the tech god is upon us. So if you’re planning on spending any time outside this summer, you’d be wise to arm yourself with these ten amazing gadgets that’ll let you hit up the local pool like Tony Stark on vacation.

Sparkr Mini Lighter And Flashlight

The next time you’re out camping or trying to plunder a jungle temple full of mystical artifacts, you’d do well to have the Sparkr Mini Lighter and Flashlight in your satchel. It’s an electric, flameless lighter, so you don’t have to worry about the weather while you’re trying to roast marshmallows or light an ancient bone torch, and it has a built in LED flashlight. Normally this handy travel buddy retails for $29.99.

The Neck Hammock

If you’re anything like us, you spend hours hunched over electronic screens every day, ruining your posture so you can get that assignment turned in on time, or get caught up on The Handmaid’s Taleduring your lunch break. If any of that sounds familiar, you need the Neck Hammock. The Neck Hammock attaches to any door, post, or railing, and allows you to get a deep neck-repairing stretch in less than ten minutes. It releases pinched nerves, relieves tension headaches, and can help correct your posture so you don’t lumber around painfully like an ogre all the time.


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