Amazing Stories Of Survival Against All Odds

25 Amazing Stories Of Survival Against All Odds
From deep within the Amazon to out on the open oceans these are 25 amazing stories of survival against all odds.

1: Juliane Koepcke

She was the sole survivor of LANSA flight 508 that came apart mid-air over the Peruvian rainforest after being struck by lightning. Juliane fell thousands of feet still strapped into her chair but her fall was cushioned by the jungle canopy and she survived with only a broken collarbone. Luckily there was a stream nearby and after following it for 9 days she was rescued by loggers.

2: Nando Parrado and Crew

After a Uruguayan rugby team crashed high into the Andes Mountains the survivors resorted to cannibalism. One of the survivors, Nando Parrado, managed to devise a way to climb over the 17,000 foot peak that had the group trapped on a glacier. They then marched 10 days until being rescued.


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