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Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Body

Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Body

You probably think you know your body pretty well. After all, you’re the one who feeds it, nurtures it, gazes at it in the mirror, and uses it to walk through this world. But did you have any idea that it has the power to digest metal? Or that every time you blink you’re taking a tiny nap? Or that your pinky is your strongest finger? It’s all true! So read on, and revel in all of the amazing things that you never knew your body could do.


A Blink is a Micronap
You probably thought that a blink was just something you did to keep your eyes moist or keep dust out of them. That is a very valuable service, of course, but we actually blink way more than needed for that alone—about 15–20 times per minute. In fact, closing our eyes briefly has been found to help us sharpen our attention and serves as a miniature recharge.


Big Eyes Cause Nearsightedness
Big eyes may be considered beautiful by some, but they can cause nearsightedness. Also known as myopia, this condition that causes distant objects to look blurry is caused by light not properly reaching the retina. If your eyeball grows too long, light is focused too soon, before it hits the retina—so when it does hit the retina the image is blurry.


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