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8 Of The Luckiest People

8 Of The Luckiest People To Ever Exist On Earth
We use the expression ‘lucky dog’ way too loosely nowadays. We think getting a good deal online, a nice vacation, or a good-looking partner is being lucky. We thought so too, before we came across this. Your definition of luck will change altogether after reading this. These are, the luckiest people to ever exist on Earth.

1. Joan R. Ginther – Fourth time’s a charm.

Did you know that the chance of you winning a lottery is 1 in 200 million? In fact, you are more likely to die getting struck by an asteroid than win a lottery. How would you explain Joan R. Ginther’s situation then? She won a lottery not once, but an unimaginable 4 times! Her life changed when she first won a cool $5.4 million, only to win $2 million more 10 years later. It doesn’t end there. 2 years later she won $3 million, and a staggering $10 million in 2008!

2. Tsutomu Yamaguchi – The man who cheated death by a nuclear attack. Twice.

It was during World War II that Tsutomu was an employee of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. During one of his work visits to Hiroshima was when the first nuclear bomb dropped in 1945. Blessed, though injured by the blast, he somehow managed to survive. He quickly returned to Nagasaki to his family and started work on the 9th of August, the day the second nuclear attack happened. He miraculously survived this too.
Later in life, Yamaguchi became a vocal proponent of nuclear disarmament. In an interview, Mr Yamaguchi said, “The reason that I hate the atomic bomb is because of what it does to the dignity of human beings.” During a telephone interview he said, “I can’t understand why the world cannot understand the agony of the nuclear bombs. How can they keep developing these weapons?” He also wrote a book about his experiences in the late 1980s.
In March 2009, Japan officially recognized Yamaguchi as a survivor of both blasts. He is now the only person officially recognized as surviving two nuclear bomb explosions.
Mr. Yamaguchi lived to a ripe old age of 93 and died on January 4th, 2010, at his home in Nagasaki.


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