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4 Beloved Characters Who Debuted In The Weirdest Places

4 Beloved Characters Who Debuted In The Weirdest Places
Every classic character is created to fill a need — the wacky sidekick, the cruel henchman, the one carefully calculated to sell toys with its cute catchphrase. But sometimes that need is “filling space” or “selling ice cream,” and only later does everyone realize that this commercial pitchman could become the basis of a massive movie franchise. Look at how …

4: Boba Fett’s True First Appearance Was At A Country Fair Parade

There are three tiers of Star Wars fandom. If you ask people in the first tier about Boba Fett, they’ll tell you that he debuted in The Empire Strikes Back. Those in the second tier will tell you, while wearing Chewbacca slippers, “Actually, Boba Fett made his debut in the widely reviled Star Wars Holiday Special.” And then a few special people who have ascended to the third tier, and all of the millions of words of fanfiction it contains, will cry out, “Actually, Boba Fett appeared in the San Anselmo Country Fair two months before the holiday special aired. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to eat lunch with my lightsaber chopsticks, then brush my teeth with my DL-44-shaped electric toothbrush.”


Lucasfilm”You look so cool! I hope you don’t die like a Three Stooges character!”
San Anselmo is north of San Francisco, and a medium length of time ago was where George Lucas’ home and growing commercial empire was based. Someone thought it would be a good idea to have Star Wars characters appear in the town’s annual fall parade, and the rest was obscure nerd history.


San Anselmo Independent Journal”My underwear is like Dagobah.”

The parade was hellish for the men in the costumes thanks to the 100-degree heat, but it was all worth it to give the public their first taste of a villain beloved for saying three sentences and then getting his ass kicked. Anyway, speaking of holiday specials …


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