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10 Weirdest, Most Bizarre Animals Found

10 Weirdest, Most Bizarre Animals Found
There are literally millions of different species on earth—scientists are not even sure how many. We live in a world with a lot of biodiversities.
When you think about animal life though, you probably think about dogs, cats, horses, chickens, seagulls, and other common animals. You may be wondering about some of the more bizarre animals on the planet though. After all, surely in such a diverse world, there are some forms of life which have evolved into highly specialized niches, right?
Top Ten Weird Animals
Here are some weird animals found on our planet, some of which are so different you may think they came from space!

1. Star-nose mole

From the side, this mole only looks a bit odd, but seen head-on, it can be quite startling. It is considered by numerous people to be incredibly ugly with its odd tentacle-like nose. In reality, the 11 pairs of appendages on the snout are quite amazing. They contain over 25,000 sensory receptors which are called Eimer’s organs. This is the critter’s main sensory apparatus, and it is so fine-tuned that scientists believe it can detect seismic waves. There’s nothing really ugly about the star-nose mole. It’s just different, and its own weird way, quite cute.

2. Microhyla nepenthicola

This is an amazingly tiny frog which was discovered just four years ago in Borneo in 2010. When researchers first discovered the tiny frog, they assumed it was a baby. Since then, others have been found, and now researchers know that even full-grown adults usually do not surpass half an inch in length.


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