10 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items That Might Save Your Life One Day

Have you ever gotten lost during a hike or have you gone a little too far while on a safari? There could be many more situations where you can find yourself struggling to survive. Do you give up or do you try to find a way out? Sometimes even the most mundane things can be just the solution you are looking for. You may even have more than 6 of the items from the below list in your home, and you might be unaware of how you could use them differently.
It might surprise you, as it did the Bright Side team, but the below things can be much more valuable than you thought in survival conditions.

1. Credit card

There are few things money can’t buy and a credit card is never a waste. But there are situations where it’s not about how much you can buy with them. Even at a deserted place with no ATM, they still proves to be useful as the perfect tool for a bee sting or a thorn.
Scrape upwards toward the sting to pull it out with the help of a credit card.

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