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10 Times Wild Animals Saved Humans

10 Times Wild Animals Saved Humans

10: Lions Save Girl From Kidnappers


Sometime in June 2005, a 12-year-old Ethiopian girl was walking home from school when she was abducted by four men. (Rural Ethiopia has seen many instances of men kidnapping women they intend to forcefully marry.) The girl remained with the men for a week while police searched for her. The police were trailing the abductors when the men abandoned the girl after they were approached by three lions.
The lions did not eat the girl, as many would have expected. They just remained with her and then quietly left when the police arrived. A wildlife expert suggested the lions didn’t kill the girl because she sounded like a lion cub while crying. However, not everyone thinks the lions were being superheroes. A game hunter suggested the big cats were about to eat the girl and were interrupted by the police.

9: Sea Lion Saves Man From Drowning

Sometime in 2000, Kevin Hines decided he’d had enough of life. He was suffering from bipolar disorder and depression and chose to commit suicide by drowning. His location of choice was the famous Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. However, he did not drown as expected because a sea lion kept him above the water.
Hines initially thought the sea lion was a shark. This freaked him out. While he planned to commit suicide, that didn’t include being killed by a shark. However, he soon realized that his unexpected companion was a sea lion. The sea lion kept bumping into him to keep him above the water and remained with him until a Coast Guard rescue boat arrived.
Besides keeping Hines afloat, the sea lion also helped the rescuers to find him easily. If the sea lion hadn’t kept him above water, the Coast Guard would have spent a much longer time searching for Kevin’s corpse underwater.


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