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10 things you thought were true… but aren’t!

There are some things in life which you just know to be true because, well just because. But sometimes the truth isn’t quite what it seemed…

1. Bulls don’t see red.

Yes, bulls do get miffed when matadors taunt them by flapping their red capes – but it’s the flapping that gets them in a flap, not the colour red.
An experiment where three matadors held aloft, red, white and blue capes found that they all brought a half-hearted response. It was only when they started waving the flags that it became clear the bulls would charge at the one moving the most – whatever colour it was.

2. Frankenstein wasn’t a monster.

In Mary Shelley’s book, the creator of the monster was called Frankenstein. Frankenstein’s monster is never actually given a name.

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