10 Things That Scientists Just Can’t Explain

10 Things That Scientists Just Can’t Explain

1. What would happen if a person fell into a black hole.

Physicists used to think you wouldn’t notice you were falling into a black hole until you crossed its event horizon. But new calculations in 2012 suggest you’d hit a wall of fire instead and be burnt to a crisp (ouch). If either theory is true, some basic laws of physics are in trouble.

2. Why it takes more genes to make a tomato than a human.

Tomatoes have more than 30,000 genes, whereas humans have between 20,000 and 30,000.
This problem has existed in various guises over the years and used to be known as the C-value paradox. But in 2003 botanists decided to downgrade it to an “enigma” – it’s still unexplained, though.



10. Why magnets always have a north and south pole.

No matter how many times you divide a bar magnet in half the resulting object will always have a north and south pole. Quantum mechanics says that magnetic monopoles (a north or south pole on their own) should exist. But though magnetic monopoles have recently been made in a lab, we’ve never found one out in the wild.
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