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10 Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie

10 Things That Prove Your Life Is A Lie

There’s so much general knowledge on the internet that the best thing to do is take it all with a grain of salt. This is especially true in an age of fake news and easily manipulated information and images.
The best thing to do is wear your skeptical hat at all times, that way you won’t be shocked when you find out some pretty mind-blowing truths.
Having said that, get settled comfortably. You’re about to have some common misconceptions torn apart. Here are 12 things that prove your life, and everything you think you know, is a lie:

1. Chupa Chups isn’t an American company. It was actually created by Enric Bernat, from Barcelona, Spain. In fact, the first logo for this lollipop was designed by Salvador Dali.

2. The memory span of a goldfish is not 3 seconds long. This is a common myth. Studies show that these little fish are capable of retaining associative memories for up to 6 days.


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