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10 Pictures That Almost Got Their Photographers Killed

10 Pictures That Almost Got Their Photographers Killed
A picture is worth a thousand words—or the life of its photographer. Obviously, photographers will often go to extremes to get the perfect shot. For some, these pictures can make their careers, but there may be a high price. Possibly too high.
War and wildlife photographers are usually at the most risk because they can be in active danger zones. While many have died under these circumstances, some have survived to tell their stories.

10: Atif Saeed Was Almost Killed By An Angry Lion

Wildlife photographer Atif Saeed was almost killed when the lion he was snapping charged at him. The incident took place at a wildlife park in Lahore, Pakistan. Saeed was driving around the park when he found the lion. He drove toward it, alighted from his vehicle, and started taking pictures. He was about 3 meters (10 ft) away at the time. The lion did not appreciate his presence and charged.
Saeed took the chilling picture just before jumping into his Jeep. He only escaped because he left the door of his vehicle open, probably because he expected the lion to charge. Saeed later said that he found the incident hilarious, especially after he made his getaway. But he vowed never to put himself in such a situation again because it was too dangerous.

9: Tracey Shelton Was Almost Killed After An Armored Tank Fired At Her Position

In 2012, Tracey Shelton was covering the Syrian Civil War when she was almost killed by a shell fired by a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) tank. The SAA is the official army of the Syrian government. Their primary opponent is the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group of rebel factions that want Bashar al-Assad to step down as president of Syria.
The rebels involved here were from the Noor Den al-Zenke battalion. Shelton was with them before the tank arrived and had been taking their photographs as they cleaned their position. The pictures showed them joking and laughing.
The rebels soon received information that there was an SAA tank in their area. They rushed to their weapons and tried engaging the tank when the combat vehicle fired. Shelton took the photograph the moment the shell hit the rebels. The picture shows three rebels in front with a fourth behind them. Shelton was behind the fourth rebel.
The rebels could not take cover before the shell exploded. All three in front were killed. The rebel behind them survived with injuries. Shelton was unhurt, though she was covered in dust and smoke. The bodies of the three dead rebels were recovered and taken away while new fighters were drafted to replace them.


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