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10 Photos That Look Photoshopped But Actually Aren’t

10 Photos That Look Photoshopped But Actually Aren’t

Thanks to technology and the 21st Century, there are millions of crazy photos circulating around the web. At times, it can be hard to point out which photos are real and which are photo-shopped – this is why we decided to round up the craziest photos out there that aren’t photo-shopped but seriously look like they are. Check it out!

Surf’s Up

I’m sure at first glance, you’re scoffing at the notion that such images aren’t photo-shopped but uhh, this hasn’t been touched in any way. Not by us or anyone else! Meet Robbie Maddison, the guy driving the motorcycle in the photo below, an Australian stunt rider. He worked with DC Shoes to help create a fantastical series of photos, which ultimately then became ads for the footwear. The stunt was crafted by fitting a Honda motorbike with water-skis, and after many months of preparation and practice, the team behind these photos brought us images such as this!

Chaohu Lake In China

In the Anhui Province of China, you’ll find Chaohu Lake, one of the five largest freshwater lakes in all of China. Some 5 million people live near the lake, and use it for irrigation, fishing, and transportation. However due to China’s rapid economic growth, the lake is now one of China’s most polluted lakes, ergo the green coloring.


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