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10 Most Unexpected Plane-Related Incidents To Happen In Recent Times

10 Most Unexpected Plane-Related Incidents To Happen In Recent Times
Air travel is a convenient and affordable means of transportation. Airlines, not to mention the flight crew, do everything in their power to make sure their customers have a pleasant experience, no matter what their budget. Yet, nobody’s perfect. Airlines can make some hilarious mistakes, from painting a glaringly obvious misspelling on the side of a brand-new plane to forgetting a particularly important part of taking off.
Of course, as with any form of public transportation, the passengers themselves can also be involved in some bizarre situations while on board. From a man tugging on the plane’s back door in search of the lavatory to a woman who likes to travel with her “emotional support squirrel,” some of these incidents make for some unbelievable stories.

10: Flight Attendant Accused Of Stealing $5,000


Three brothers were on a business-class Emirates flight from Thailand to Dubai along with their father in June 2018. When their father started feeling ill mid-flight, the brothers left their seats to check up on him. After making sure that their dad was comfortable, the trio returned to their seats, only to find that about 18,500 dirhams (or approximately $5,000) in different kinds of currency was missing from their belongings.
They immediately notified the cabin supervisor, who took them to the business class galley to take photos of the money that was still left in their wallets. Using the serial numbers on the banknotes, which were in sequential order, could help make it easier to find the missing money. Once the plane landed, the police took the brothers’ belongings to search for fingerprints. Much to everyone’s surprise, fingerprints found on their wallets matched those of a 37-year-old flight attendant who had been on board. Even though the money was never recovered, he was charged with theft and pleaded not guilty after appearing in court.

9: Forgot To Pressurize The Cabin

In September 2018, a Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Jaipur had to turn back shortly after takeoff after more than 30 passengers started to suffer from splitting headaches and bleeding ears and noses. The flight attendants had to perform first aid on a few passengers who suffered from severe pain and bleeding. As it turns out, the pilots forgot to flip a switch in the cockpit that regulated the pressure in the passenger cabin. For 45 minutes, over 160 passengers were left in an unpressurized cabin.
Once the plane landed back at the airport, all of the passengers were safe, but five were taken to a hospital to be evaluated by an ear, nose, and throat expert. They suffered from barotrauma (decompression sickness) in their ears due to the rapid change of air pressure. The flight’s cockpit crew were taken off scheduled duties and suspended until further investigations could be done.


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