10 Most Dangerous Spiders on Earth


1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

On top of our list is the Brazilian Wandering Spider. Its scientific name Phoneutria originates from the Greek word “Murderess.” As the name implies, it is the most pernicious spider on earth. Just one bite and it will kill outright if the victim does not receive anti-venom immediately. It contains neurotoxic poison 20x more potent than that of the Black Widow! Losing muscle control is one of its effect which ultimately leads to the cessation of breath. Another awful reaction is the excruciating pain that you will suffer for hours as you die slowly. The spider is known to wander and travel to unexpected places which can catch unsuspecting victims off guard.
These little creatures are dangerous and humans who fear them are often right! But no need to worry too much as the probability of crossing their path is quite slim so don’t be alarmed. If by chance you see one, try to clear off as things might go ugly because one bite will definitely mean a lot of trouble!
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