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10 Most Dangerous Spiders on Earth

10 Most Dangerous Spiders on Earth

Spiders are equally fascinating and terrifying. Watching them weave their intricate and surprisingly strong webs fills you with both fear and curiosity. While most people are afraid of spiders, some are truly disturbed by them, this is called arachnophobia. Not all people who have this phobia can explain the reason why they fear spiders. It could be the way they crawl or their hairy body or just the thought of it being venomous. Of course, not all species possess venom that’s dangerous to humans, but there are some that can cause death if not well treated.
Here’s our list of the most dangerous spiders on earth:

10. Hobo Spider

Tenth on the list, also known as “Aggressive Common Spider.” Its bite and venom are not life-threatening but painful, and it takes time to heal, usually up to a few weeks. This spider reacts aggressively if threatened by humans. The Hobo Spider originated in Europe, but has been rising in population in North America. The fact they prefer to reside in our homes is quite bothersome considering that’s where we are most likely to encounter them.

9. Camel Spider

A ferocious-looking spider which measures up to six inches! The Camel Spider is found in the deserts of North Africa and hides from the scorching heat of the sun by dwelling underneath the sand. It runs as fast as 10 mph. This non-venomous spider has a powerful jaw and it measures one-third of their body length. Although lacking venom its painful bite, large size and looks make this spider quite threatening.


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