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10 Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Life

10 Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Life
When we meet some animals on a picnic or in the woods, we either get scared or become happy as children. But we usually don’t know what to do in each case.

10. Meeting a moose in the woods

A moose is one of the largest animals you might meet in the woods. They are actually quite timid and run away first, but during the fall they can be dangerous. In Siberia, they even say that a moose is scarier than a bear.
You shouldn’t:
Approach moose calves.
Make any abrupt actions.
You should:
Go away if you hear a moose roaring — even that is enough to get scared.
Slowly leave a moose’s pathway — it can’t move back.
Hide behind a tree — they have very bad eyesight.
Turn on loud music because they are afraid of loud noises.
If a moose runs after you, scale a tree.

9. Meeting a moose or a boar on the road while driving

You shouldn’t:
Press the car horn or blink the lights because the animal can attack you.
Try to drive around the moose.
You should:
Be on the watch when traveling during the fall.
Slowly stop if the animal appears on the road.
In case of urgency, try to drive slowly around the animal.
If you hit the animal with your car:
Don’t approach the animal, even if it seems dead. It can harm you.
Don’t try to take it away with you. This can cause criminal liability.
The right actions are defined by the legislation of your country. It is most likely that you will have to call the traffic police.


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