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10 Gigantic Versions Of Childhood Games

10 Gigantic Versions Of Childhood Games
Hopscotch, paper airplanes, musical chairs. Many people enjoy these kinds of games as children but forget about them as adults. However, a rare group of people remember these games and help to create versions that dwarf those we played in our backyards or on school grounds. This list will review 10 of the largest childhood games ever recorded.
Although many types of games have been turned into monstrous adult versions, this list will focus mainly on Guinness World Record holders. We will exclude the gigantic versions of video systems, including the Nintendo Game Boy that is 6.7 times larger than the one manufactured by Nintendo.

10: The Marble Run That Ran Through A Meadow


No one is certain where marbles originated. But they have been discovered among the remains of a 4,500-year-old civilization. Since that time, the popularity of marbles has waxed and waned. Although they were popular during the early 1900s and experienced a brief comeback in the 1970s, these toys are no longer used by as many children as they once were.
If you had marbles during your childhood, you likely played small games and used marble runs with a handful of plastic pieces. In 2017, the Swiss microsensors manufacturer Sensirion AG set the record for the world’s largest marble run with a 2859-meter (9,380 ft) structure.
To achieve its goal, the company split its team into 25 groups. Each was tasked with constructing a segment of the marble run in Flumserberg, Switzerland. The track began in the middle of a meadow that is used by skiers during the winter. While adverse weather conditions occurred on the day of the run, an official Guinness World Records adjudicator was there to log the accomplishment.

9: The Citywide Hopscotch Game

Hopscotch is a popular playground game in which players hop through numbered patterns on the ground to retrieve an item. Although many children remember competing against one or several players, the game has surprisingly ancient origins.
Some people claim that children in ancient Rome or ancient China placed hopscotch. However, the first recorded reference to the game occurred in the late 1600s in the Book of Games by Francis Willughby. Since that time, hopscotch has been popular among schoolchildren.
Although many people abandon hopscotch after grade school, some particularly large hopscotch games have been created by adults. In 2012, a group of people in Detroit designed a 6.04-kilometer (3.75 mi) hopscotch course. These groups, Wedge Detroit and Imagine Detroit Together, proceeded to set the world record for the longest hopscotch course.
In addition to setting the world record, the program was designed to help people think about Detroit in creative and artistic ways as well as provide inspiration for the city’s residents to rediscover the area.
In May 2016, that record was broken in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Brand Teenmix of Belle International devised a 6.13-kilometer (3.81 mi) hopscotch game. More than 300 people competed over two days.


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