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10 Forbidden Places Where Outsiders Are Arrested (Or Worse)

10 Forbidden Places Where Outsiders Are Arrested (Or Worse)
Who wouldn’t be fascinated by a secret land or a forbidden territory? To wonder what’s behind closed doors, locked gates, or barbed-wire fences just because we’re barred from entry seems to be human nature. The more adventuresome among us will often try to find out.
Urban explorers and island hunters will know better than anyone the places to go where nobody else dares. However, they might have some serious trouble getting access to the following locations, as they are all off-limits to outsiders. Tourists who dare travel to these places will be arrested or, in some cases, much worse.

10: Poveglia Island Venice

The dark history surrounding Poveglia Island in Venice should be enough to put anyone off, yet ghost hunters still venture here at their own risk. From 1793 to 1814, the island was used as a quarantine station for those who contracted the plague. The island contains plague pits, and it’s no wonder there are stories of hauntings, as an estimated 160,000 people died here over the years.
In 1922, a mental hospital opened on Poveglia. Legend has it that one of the doctors there butchered many of the patients. The hospital shut down in 1968, and now only the ruins of the abandoned building remain. It is believed that the soil itself is partly made from human remains. The off-limits island is highly restricted, and those caught exploring here illegally will risk arrest.

9: North Sentinel Island Andaman Islands

The Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island are the last isolated pre-eolithic tribe in the world, and they go to brutal lengths to make sure it stays that way. Anyone who approaches the island will be met with a volley of sharp arrows, making it impossible to get close to the shore and difficult to even fly a helicopter overhead. It is believed there are as many as 200 people living on the island, where they survive on fishing in the shallows.
In 2006, two men were illegally fishing just off the shore of the island, but when they fell asleep, they were attacked and murdered. The Society for Andaman and Nicobar Ecology confirmed, “As day broke, fellow fishermen say they tried to shout at the men and warn them they were in danger. However, they did not respond—they were probably drunk—and the boat drifted into the shallows where they were attacked and killed.” Since the incident, there is now a law stating that fishermen must keep at least 5 kilometers (3 mi) away from the shore.


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