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10 Extraordinary Dogs That Saved Lives

10 Extraordinary Dogs That Saved Lives
Mankind has formed a special bond with dogs ever since we’ve been able to train them to do various tasks. Hunting, guarding, and herding were some of the most popular uses for dogs throughout history. Today, we use them to catch fleeing criminals, find hidden drugs, and be our loyal companions.
The following stories recount just how loyal dogs are—from staying by your side during excruciatingly difficult situations to sacrificing their very lives to protect you from a wild animal attack. As it turns out, dogs would never hesitate to jump into life-threatening situations to save their owners or even complete strangers.

10: Asthma Attack


In Cleckheaton, England, a nine-year-old Jack Russell named Jess managed to save her owner’s life after some quick actions. Rebecca Brookes, Jess’s owner, started experiencing a severe asthma attack one day. In the midst of her uncontrollable coughing and gasping for breath, Jess sensed the danger and promptly fetched Rebecca’s inhaler from her room.
Once Rebecca recovered from her asthma attack, she decided to see if it was just a coincidence that her dog came to her rescue. She placed her inhaler in a different room and coughed a little to see what Jess would do. Much to Rebecca’s surprise, Jess started looking for the hidden inhaler, found it, and brought it to her owner.
Rebecca told her dad about it. He tried to get a reaction out of Jess and started coughing as well. Yet, as a definitive display of her intelligence, Jess knew that he was just pretending and didn’t really need an inhaler. After her heroic feat in saving her owner, Jess grew to be a real help by fetching Rebecca’s car keys, her shoes, and even her letters.

9: Rattlesnake Bite

In Anthem, Arizona, Paula Godwin decided to treat her dogs to a refreshing hike outside. While taking a leisurely stroll on a hiking trail, Todd the golden retriever noticed that Godwin was about to step on a rattlesnake lurking on the path.
Just as the rattlesnake pulled back to strike, the young pup jumped in the way and absorbed the devastating impact of the strike, sustaining a gruesome bite on his snout. Godwin rushed little Todd to a local animal hospital for immediate treatment.
Amazingly, Todd survived the rattlesnake bite and made a full recovery. Godwin shared the whole ordeal on social media, where the story spread like wildfire. A crowdfunding account was opened in honor of Todd to gather enough funds to help other pet owners who face the threat of similar injuries in the area due to the abundance of venomous snakes and reptiles.


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