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10 Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go

10 Celebrities Who Have Let Themselves Go
On the big screen, celebrities seem to be something not really of this world, looking perfect every second. But they’re just like us, with their own little guilty pleasures that aren’t always good for the figure.
Bright Side found 10 stars who think living life to the full is much better than dieting all the time, and they feel absolutely happy with themselves.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

No more slim-fit dresses for this beauty. She became a mother of two and gained 20 pounds, yet this doesn’t upset her a bit. Jennifer says she feels happier and more feminine now than ever, and she isn’t going to lose weight at all.

Eva Longoria

This pretty lady married for the third time in May 2016 and got so carried away during her honeymoon that she forgot everything about her figure. However, this doesn’t seem to bother Eva or her husband — they are together all the time, kissing hotly to the joy of the paparazzi.


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