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10 Bizarre Things Criminals Did To Evade The Police

10 Bizarre Things Criminals Did To Evade The Police
Criminals will do anything to get away with their sinister deeds. After all, nobody wants to go to prison. While some criminals go about evading the authorities with conventional methods, others choose to do so in a creative way. Most of the time, however, there is a difference between a split-second decision and poor judgement.
Some of the following criminals made seemingly smart choices in their attempts to evade the police, while others made some questionable decisions which ultimately led to ridiculous situations. Their actions certainly aren’t the kind of thing you see every day. Here are ten of the most bizarre things criminals did to evade the authorities in recent times.

10: Weathering A Storm On A Roof


In October 2018 in Odessa, Texas, the police tried to perform a routine traffic stop on a man driving a maroon Chevrolet Silverado before the car suddenly sped away. The man behind the wheel was Uriel Loya, and he had a parole violation warrant for his arrest. After driving at a high speed for a few blocks, he abandoned his vehicle and tried to escape on foot.
Loya was so desperate to escape from the authorities that he broke into a local business and caused more than $2500 worth of damage as he scrambled onto the roof, breaking several roof fixtures along the way. After he stood for about three hours on the roof in the middle of a storm, the police were able to get him down and take him into custody. Loya was charged with the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine, evading in a motor vehicle, criminal mischief, and criminal trespassing.

9: Jumping Into A Car At A Drive-Thru

Also in October 2018, in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, the police observed a car with a broken rear brake light and pulled the vehicle over. As one of the officers walked toward the car, a passenger jumped out of the back seat before the vehicle suddenly sped away, running multiple stop signs. The police chased the vehicle until it plunged down a grassy embankment, where it became lodged between two yellow poles. The suspect, identified as Jose M. Osorio, jumped out of his car and ran across a highway toward a fast food establishment.
Without hesitation, Osorio leapt into the back seat of a car sitting in the drive-thru lane. The police closed in on him, and one of the officers opened the car’s door and shocked Osorio with a stun gun, despite the terrified occupants witnessing everything unfold in their car. Unfortunately, the officer was also shocked during the struggle and inadvertently let the suspect go for a moment. As Osorio tried to close the car’s door again, the officer used his baton to strike him and removed him from the car. After being handcuffed, Osorio’s explanation as to why he decided to jump into a random car was simply to “get a ride.”
Osorio was transported to a hospital and admitted that he’d smoked synthetic marijuana an hour before the whole ordeal took place. As expected, the police found a small bag of what looked like marijuana inside his abandoned car.


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